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Archive Films Sought

We are producing a number of new DVD’s on railways and shipping and are always looking for archive 8mm or 16mm films. If you feel you may have some useful material, please do let us know via our contact page.

Barry Scrapyard

Woodhams yard at Barry scrapyard is the main reason that railway preservation happened today.

Dai Woodham’s legendary scrapyard was just a small piece in the history of scrapping locomotives, but became famous for leaving them in the yards for ‘a rainy day’. The Barry story is one of the most interesting stories in preservation today. We have books and DVD’s which feature lots of interesting pictures and footage on locos all over the yard arriving, stored, and taken away. With 213 locos rescued from the site from the 1970s to 1990s there are lots of interesting facts on this scrapyard as well as rare documentation such as listings of every loco that was at the yard and their current status today. These DVD’s and books portray how Barry became the saviour of the preservation movement we all know today.