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Teams machine wide installer reddit – teams machine wide installer reddit –

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Posted by: jedinger 2 years ago.


Teams machine wide installer reddit – teams machine wide installer reddit


Can you please share your command line and batch file? On the Managed Install it’s msiexec. Just wanted to mention I am having basically the same issue, I was just about to make a post when I saw this. Chuck, I posted some more info in the Application Packaging channel in Slack, not sure whether you want me to post it here it’s a bit long-winded or whether you can just see it there. As I said the command line and.

I think I have it working now, it looks like there can be issues with the uninstall process, which is leaving some registry keys behind. Additionally, when installing from the system account it doesn’t seem to create an entry in Programs and Features, but does appear to function Installs teams for users on login. The OP’s edit in this post highlights the issue with the uninstaller.

Posted by: jedinger 2 years ago. Posted by: ggibson 2 years ago. Then use the following commands to install: via Kscript or Manage Install msiexec.

Answer this question. Posted by:. Don’t be a Stranger! Sign up! View more:. Scripting Questions. Can you run a script from the SMA appliance itself? Is there an administrators guide that shows how to a setup rules to manage approvals b pass parameter values when updating and setting up tickets. The per-user deployment MSI was named machine-wide installer before our current true machine-wide installer was released. The missing name change in the package was an oversight. Starting with version 3.

We use the per-user deployment MSI. Do we need to update the Slack deployment tool when Slack itself auto-updates? We uninstalled the per-user deployment MSI. Why is Slack still installed for all our users?

Uninstalling the MSI only removes the deployment tool and Slack will no longer install for new people logging into the computer. However, people who already installed Slack through the deployment tool need to manually uninstall the app.

If your machine hosts multiple users e. When installing newer versions of an MSI, older ones still show up. Are there multiple versions of Slack installed now? While the Apps and Features list may show multiple versions of Slack, only the binaries of the latest version are installed.

Starting with 3. When silently uninstalling or updating the machine-wide MSI, why do machines reboot? We introduced an upgrade feature to our MSI when version 3. If an administrator triggers a silent update or uninstall while a logged-in user is using Slack, it will not be possible to delete the files component of the installation as it will be locked. When this happens, the MSI installer engine will stage the changes and trigger a reboot of the computer to push the changes.

We’re having trouble. Please try again later! Workspace administration Learn how to manage your Slack workspace or Enterprise Grid org. Next Previous. Who it’s for: This method is best for companies where employees work from their own machine or device and update Slack automatically. Who it’s not for: Companies where many people use the same machine like terminal servers , or need to control which version of Slack is used, should use the MSI for machine-wide installation.

Sign back into your Windows user account. The Slack app icon will appear on the Desktop and Start Menu. Who it’s not for: Companies in which people use their own machines and update Slack automatically should use the MSI for per-user deployment.

The Slack app icon will appear on the Start Menu. Thanks so much for your feedback! Got it!


How are you keeping Teams Machine-Wide Installer updated? – Microsoft Tech Community.Scripting : Microsoft Teams Machine-Wide Installer will not run properly from a script

Teams is an electron app and can only work through the users profile. The “machine wide installer” just checks at login for the teams software. Hey Guys, when installing Bit Teams Machine Wide Installer, I cant uninstall using the Uninstall String. What also confuses me that the.