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The Wye Valley



The Wye Tour’ A delightful scenic tour down the Wye Valley.
Filmed over the seasons this DVD explores the River Wye and the surrounding towns,
villages and countryside from Ross-on-Wye to Chepstow where the river reaches the Severn estuary.
We retrace some of the steps of Georgian travellers who took a boat ride down this magnificent section of the Wye – becoming, many believe, the first tourists in Britain.
We begin this magical journey at Ross and sample a river trip inspired by the Georgian tourists from Symonds Yat northwards. On the way we meet local people associated with life on the river, including a gillie who explains the attraction of the River Wye to anglers. Sequences of the river take us down towards Monmouth and the modern-use of the Wye for leisure canoeists, now an
important part of the local economy.
We view the town of Monmouth before progressing down the Wye where we catch glimpses of the river’s industrial past at
Redbrook and Brockwier. The disused railway line which
followed the river all the way to Chepstow still has its redundant monuments on show in the form of elegant Victorian bridges which still remain straddling the river. We then progress to Tintern, one of the most sought after places of interest in the original ‘Wye Tour’. We end our journey at Chepstow and the point where the Wye joins the Severn. Altogether, a wonderful journey along this
spectacular river.
60 minutes