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Cab Ride Highlights No.2 Dvd ~ Carlisle to Newcastle ~ Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads ~ York to Edinburgh ~ Stranraer to Glasgow



Part 1 – Railscene No.20 CARLISLE TO NEWCASTLE – On the Sprinter 156472 we see two viaducts in short succession and look out for the gate with road wheels.

Part 2 – Railscene No.23 PADDINGTON TO BRISTOL TEMPLE MEADS – Aboard the HST 43139, adverse signals added fifteen minutes to what should have been a superfast journey with only four scheduled stops.

Part 3 – Railscene No.13 YORK TO EDINBURGH – On The Talisman on the super straight line, often used for testing. Fast run through at 125 mph. Part 4 –

Railscene No.27 STRANRAER TO GLASGOW – Journey complete with semaphore signalling and token collection on the Sprinter unit 6434.

Approx. 60 minutes.