Cab Ride Highlights No.5 Dvd ~ Salisbury to Exeter ~ Crewe to Penrith ~ Thornton Junction to Mossend ~ Manchester to Barrow



Highlights from: Railscene No.12, No.19, No.28 & No.31.

Part 1 –
SALISBURY TO EXETER – From the driver’s viewpoint we travelled aboard No. 50040 Centurian over the LSWR’s West of England main line. Despite rationlisation by the Western Region, the line flourished and is full of interest.

Part 2 –
CREWE TO PENRITH – The ‘missing piece’ of our WCML coverage through Warrington and Carnforth and up the southern slopes of Shap.

Part 3 –
THORNTON JUNCTION TO MOSSEND – With the demise of Speedlink, we cab ride a pair of Class 20s on one of Scotlands last Speedlink services.

Part 4 –
MANCHESTER TO BARROW – Aboard a Class 31 over the route via Bolton and Carnforth to the   Cumbrian Coast along with many semaphores.

Approx. 60 minutes.