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Cab Ride Highlights No.7 Dvd ~ Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth ~ Barrow to Carlisle ~ Bury to Manchester ~ Glasgow to Perth



Railscene No.15, No.25, No.29 & No.38.

Part 1 –
SHREWSBURY TO ABERYSTWYTH – The Cambrian Main Line at last! Filmed in perfect weather just   before the summer timetables, through the centre of Wales to the coast.

Part 2 –
BARROW TO CARLISLE – Cab ride from Barrow to Carlisle, via Sellafield and Workington which still bristles with semaphores!

Part 3 –
BURY TO MANCHESTER – Commissioning trials with the new trams precede views from both the cab and lineside of this northern suburban system. The end of the line for the Class 504.

Part 4 –
GLASGOW TO PERTH – Cab ride aboard a Class 158 (prototype no. 701) along the scenic main line into the Highlands, with a plethora of semaphores.


Approx. 60 minutes.