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Cab Ride No 11 – Dover to Willesden



You join us for this dvd, Cab Ride No.11, aboard No. 47608 on the 6th October 1986 as we take the 13.45 cross-London Inter-City train bound for Liverpool Lime Street.

We start at Dover Western Docks, our driver is John Hilton and Traction Inspector Derek Bourne of Ashford accompanies us throughout. We traverse the old SER main line, driver Gerry Richardson taking over at Bromley South. We go around London via Kensington Olympia to the LMR electric main line at Willesden where locomotives are changed.

We would like to thank all involved for their enthusiasm and help and especially Jerry de Souza of Waterloo Public Affairs for arranging the journey.

The timetable was as follows:

Dep. 13.45 – Dover Western Docks
Dep. 13.58 – Folkestone Central
Dep. 14.14 – Ashford (Kent)
Dep. 14.44 – Tonbridge
Dep. 15.10 – Bromley South (change drivers)
Dep. 15.35 – Kensington Olympia
Dep. 15.45 – Willesden Junction (change engine)