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Cab Ride No 30 – Glasgow to Edinburgh & Return (2xdvds)



This dvd, Cab Ride No.30, was recorded on 5th April 1990, aboard Class 107 No. 107747 from Glasgow to Edinburgh and a DBSO on the 12.33 from Glasgow Central and 14.30 from Edinburgh respectively.

These two routes show the contrasting nature of BR’s main and secondary lines, the Glasgow Central to Edinburgh line, via Shotts, being of a secondary nature, with “basic” stations and DMU service.

Whilst the Edinburgh to Glasgow Queen Street route, via Linklithgow, is a main line on which “Scot Rail Express” services operate. These latter were still operated by Class 47/7s operating in push/pull mode at the time of this cab ride.

We would like to thank Scot Rail Public Affairs for arranging this cab ride and Inspector George Steel and Drivers Thomas McCaw and Jim Gordon.