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Cab Ride No 33 – Redditch to Lichfield



The ‘Cross City’ Line in Birmingham is something of a ‘cause celebre’ and has shown remarkable growth in recent years. In 1990 it was announced that it would be electrified, the first extension to Birmingham’s electrification network since the 1960’s.

This dvd, Cab Ride No.33, was filmed pre-electrification on the 21st May 1990 aboard Class 166 DMU No. 53116 from Tyseley depot. The train was the 09.53 from Redditch, which ran to Barnet Green on the Midland Mainline from Bristol (via the Lickey incline), to Birmingham New Street to Lichfield TV High Level.

The journey was arranged by Midland Region Public Affairs, to whom we extend our thanks, also to Steve Young, Inspector Brian Clarke and drivers Craig Thompson and John Martin.