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Cab Ride No 35 – Coalville to Calverton



This dvd, Cab Ride No.35, is a very special cab ride, for two reasons.

Firstly, it covers three freight-only lines in the Midlands – the Leicester to Burton-on-Trent line, from Coalville (at the middle of the line) to Burton-on-Trent, then from Stenson Junction to Sheet Stores Junction (via Castle Donnington) and from Radford Junction to Calverton Colliery. Of course, the main lines are also covered.

Secondly, this is special because it took place on the occasion of the 1990 Coalville Open Day and was organised through the kind offices of Hertfordshire Railtours, who ran the special train as the “Coalville Caboodle”, on Sunday 6th June 1990.

We travelled aboard 56078 and 58070 (from Nottingham) with drivers Pett, Simkins and Fisher and were accompanied by Inspectors Brian Clark and Phil Greaves.

Our thanks are due to BR Midland Region Public Affairs (Steve Young) and John Farrow of Hertfordshire Railtours for arranging this cab ride.