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Cab Ride No 37/38 – Merseyrail North & South (2xdvds)



These dvds, Cab Ride No.37 and Cab Ride No.38 were filmed on the 18th September 1990 and covers the entire Merseyrail electric system north and south of the river (open to the public), with the exception of the loop line from the Wirral, covered in dvd, Cab Ride No.38. Our Inspector for the day was Stuart Mason with Steve Young from BR (LMR) Public Affairs also assisting. Cab Ride No.37 – Disc One: Part 1 – 09.06 – Hunts Cross to Southport Part 2 – 11.17 – Liverpool Central to Ormskirk Part 3 – 16.17 – Kirkby to Liverpool Central Part 4 – 16.45 – Liverpool Central to Hunts Cross Cab Ride No.38 – Disc Two: Part 1 – 13.15 West Kirby to New Brighton (via Liverpool Part 2 – Details of Unit 508121 Part 3 – 14.41 Liverpool Central to Hooton Our thanks to BR (LMR) Public Relations for arranging this cab ride and of course to the drivers and inspectors involved.