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Cab Ride No 44 – Dundee to Edinburgh


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The former North British Railway’s East Coast Main Line route north of Edinburgh is a very celebrated line as it crosses two of Scotland’s greatest river estuaries – the Forth and the Tay. The two enormous bridges which span the Firth of Forth and the Firth of Tay are amongst the most famous in the world and this dvd, Cab Ride No.44, enables you to see them just as the driver does, from the locomotive cab.

Our route takes us from north of the Tay to south of the Forth on the main line through Fife. A part of this route remains controlled by semaphore signalling and its continual twisting and turning, with numerous reverse curves along the Fife coast, makes it one of the most fascinating of our runs.

We travelled in the cab of 158717 on the 15.23 from Aberdeen on the 23rd August 1992, our Driver being Jim Crammond from Perth and our Inspector Scott Ferguson from Edinburgh.