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Cab Ride no 7 – King’s Cross to York – ECML (2xdvds)



This DVD, Cab Ride No.07, was recorded from the cab of 47517 Andrew Carnegie of Inverness Shed on the 23rd September 1985 on the 15.35 from King’s Cross to York.

The train was the only locomotive-hauled passenger train scheduled in the 1985-86 East Coast Mail Line timetables which ceased on 28th September 1985.

The journey is particularly poignant as it shows the progress being made on the electrification of the line at the time. Very few wires and posts were in place, so this Cab Ride has quite unobstructed views of the infrastructure.  As we pass through Peterborough we see the depot handling the electrification works.

So sit back and enjoy the line and the variety of different locomotives passed on the way in this important document of this line.