Ipswich to Lowestoft Cab Ride


Ipswich to Lowestoft
All aboard the cab of Anglia Railways 150255 for the 09.19
service from Ipswich to Lowestoft on 20th August 2001.
Soon after departing Ipswich we cross the main line at East
Suffolk junction and join the branch here for Lowestoft. First stop
is Westerfield where a problem occurs with collecting the Electric
Token so the driver progresses a little further long the platform to
obtain a signal and the token obtained.
Progressing along this particularly delightful branch line, we
pass over no less than 51 level crossings and cross over the
famous swing bridge at Oulton Broad.
There is a combination of half barriers, with some full barriers
and just ‘open’ crossings with lights and sirens. We run onto the
single line section to Melton and then Wickham Market and
Saxmundham where a token exchange occurs again.
Darsham and Halesworth and then Beccles and Oulton Broad
South are reached before crossing the swing bridge to join the
line from Norwich from the left and enter Lowestoft.
Approximately 1 hour 34 minutes duration