Kings Cross to Hull Cab Ride


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This Cab Ride was recorded from the cab of an Anglia Railways Turbo unit 170204.

We depart from Platform No. 3 at 08.33 in the midst of the morning rush hour. We will have four stops, Grantham, Doncaster, Selby and Brough before our final destination of Hull. We pass through the famous Copenhagen tunnel at 594 yards long then pass through Finsbury Park, Harringay, Hornsey and some twenty more stations. Much of the journey is at the maximum speed of 100mph for the Turbo unit. North of Werrington, Peterborough, we view flashing green signals indicating that 140 mph was possible, but not for our train. We climb Stoke bank, site of Mallard’s record breaking run in 1938 when it achieved 126 mph on the up line. Shortly after leaving Brough Station we can see the Humber road bridge and soon afterwards arrive at Hull’s Platform No. 4.

The cab ride was recorded as part of Anglia Railways driving training programme.

Approximately 2 hours 45 minutes duration