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Leicester To Corby Car Terminal


Leicester Depot to Corby Car Terminal
Filmed from the cab of Class 47 The Queen Mother which will
take us over the interesting route from Leicester to the Corby Car
Terminal (GEFCO) and through the freight lines around Corby’s
industrial complex.
After departure from the depot at Leicester we travel via Syston
South and East Junctions and via Melton Junction (the Derby Test
Track is seen) and through Melton Mowbray. (You will hear an
engine note change here due to the exhaust gasket blowing)
We run through to Oakham and then wrong line to Manton
Tunnel and onto Manton Junction where we progress on the
freight-only Up Corby line to Wing Tunnel, Glaston and Seaton
tunnels and over Harringworth viaduct. Corby Tunnel at over
1 mile in length is run through and we arrive at the Corby
Automotive Terminal.
This was made in conjunction with EWS and operated
over many freight-only routes.
Approximately 1 hour 37 minutes duration