* Launch of 34092 City of Wells at KWVR

* Autumn Gala at the SVR with S&D engines and M7  No. 30053
* No. 3205 and 46521 at the South Devon Railway
* No. 34046 on main line turns
*The Royal Duchy and Torbay Expresses
* Atlantic Coast Express with Nos. 34067, 5029 and 34046
* No. 46447 launched at the East Somerset Railway
* Bodmin & Wenford Gala with No. 4247
* Great Western themed Gala at the Mid-Hants
* End of the Tube event at the Epping Ongar line
* Saint project update at Didcot
* Tornado at the Bluebell and update on the Brighton Atlantic project
* Main line connection improvements at the Swanage Railway, including first runs of No. 31806 in Dorset
* And much, much more!
Approximately 2 hours duration