Tangmere – 34067 Dvd



Tangmere – An original Bulleid masterpiece. One of thirty-one Bulleid Pacifics to survive into preservation after 1967, Tangmere is once again gracing Britain’s main lines.

No. 34067 Tangmere is one of forty-four ‘Battle of Britain’ Bulleid Pacifics in the 110-strong light pacific class designed in the 1940s by O.V.S. Bullied.

Tangmere emerged from Brighton Works in September 1947 and was first sent to Ramsgate shed for duties in the South East. Two years later the locomotive went to Stewarts Lane where it remained for the next twelve years.

Tangmere actually finished its days at Salisbury shed in November 1963. No. 34067 is still, virtually, in its original un-rebuilt form. Following withdrawal, Tangmere was bought by the Barry, South Wales scrapyard of Woodham Bros and was due to be cut up there. As time went by it became clear that many locomotives, as well as Tangmere, would be spared that fate and so after eighteen years in the yard, it was bought privately for preservation.

This dvd is the story of Tangmere following its departure from the scrapyard right up to its recent times on the main line.

Approx. 60 minutes.