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The Barry List No. 12


We are pleased to announce the latest edition of our famous Barry List which has become the ‘bible’ for heritage railways who have many of their steam fleet from this once ‘graveyard of steam’. This is the 50th anniversary issue 1973 – 2023.

Since the last edition, the eleventh edition, there have been many changes to the locomotives that escaped from Dai Woodhams’ yard at Barry. More have steamed into further service; many have changed locations; some have been scrapped to make way for new-build projects and dozens have now been withdrawn for overhauls.

‘The Barry List – Twelfth Edition’  details all of the changes up to date in April 2023; full list of locomotives saved from Woodham Brothers at Barry; those of the 213 saved which have steamed so far; where they are all located; those which will never steam again and those which have helped construct new-builds.

Edited by Roger Hardingham

48 pages A5 paperback colour and black & white photographs – £4.95