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The Saving of Urie S15s 30499 and 30506



Urie S15s 30499 and 30506 – The story of how these two unique locomotives were saved for our railway heritage.

Roger Hardingham describes how a visit to Woodham’s yard at Barry inspired him to save at least one of these LSWR locomotives in the form of No. 30506 initially followed by No. 30499 eight years later. Through many colour photographs we see the locomotives at Barry and 30506 being prepared for it eventual move to a preserved railway. After just one year the society formed to save the engine was successful and three year’s following that, in 1976, 30506 was transported to Alresford on the fledgling Mid-Hants Railway. Scenes of the locomotive being loaded onto the trailer and en route during its three-day journey to Hampshire.

The book is the story of two locomotives, Urie S15s 30499 and 30506, but it portrays how many of the 213 were saved for the nation’s railway heritage.

Paperback, 24 pages