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The Summer of 68 DVD



The Summer of 68 – Last Weeks of British Rail Steam.


Exclusive interview with David Shepherd (OBE).

Memories from enginemen and passengers.

Original sound recordings of 11th August 1968.

Unseen archive film from 1968.

The departure of steam from the British Railways network in August 1968 was a landmark not only in railway history, but British history. For nearly 150 years steam reigned supreme and although gone, it has never been forgotten.

In this unique account of the last poignant weeks of steam, this programme has brought together exclusive interviews with the crews of the last steam workings and passengers of the very last train; archive material; and hitherto unseen footage made available by enthusiasts.

This is the first opportunity to share in the delights of the original sound recording of the last journey, recorded by Robert Ormiston-Chant on the 11th August 1968; and artist David Shepherd OBE, recalls the emotional last weeks of steam and describes how he purchased his own two locomotives from British Rail.

Approx. 50 minutes.