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The Village of Hamble and its River


Rare and fascinating films of the village of
Hamble and its river from the 1920s through to
the 1970s. We look at all aspects of village life
through family films captured by Pip Bartlett
and Clive Denton with memories from Ian
Underdown, Gill Beavis and Peggy Dorothy.
Our films include carnival time in the
village when processions began in the top
playing fields and made their way down to the
High Street and quay by the river. In
the 1960s and 1970s, regatta was held
at the same time with lots of events
on the river.
We see archive films of early aviation at Hamble’s airfield from 1925
and up until the days of training
recruits for air lines. Trials of the
girocopter and the largest airliner in
Britain to date, the Avro Ensign in
1938. The arrival of A V Roe brought
much activity at Hamble in the development of aircraft and sea planes.
We view the church of St Andrews
in harvest celebration and many
scenes of the river with the launching of sailing dinghies off the quay.
A special series of films of the Training
Ship Mercury which was much a part
of Hamble up until 1968. Boat building
at Fairey Marine at Hamble Point and a
trip around the streets of the village and
much more.
Approximately 60 minutes