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Willesden High Level to Clapham Cab Ride


Willesden Junction to and
from Clapham Junction
A route learning train by North London Railways and filmed
from the cab of No. 313003 using both AC and DC power.
We depart from Willesden High Level Station at 14.57 for Mitre
Bridge Junction and join the branch from the West Coast Main
Line passing the North Pole Maintenance Depot on the left. At
North Pole Junction the pantograph is lowered and power is now
from the third rail system of 750 V. After crossing Battersea
Bridge we have to wait at signals for the Royal Train to pass
hauled by Class 47s 47799 Prince Harry and 47798 Prince William.
We can now proceed to Clapham Junction. Departing Clapham
Junction at 15.27, the train returns to Willesden via the same
route. The Royal Train was passed at Kensington, this time our
service had priority!
Approximately 37 minutes duration

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