Wimborne in The Past



More than at any time in our past, our towns and cities are undergoing great change. Fortunately, in the case of Wimborne, the important events such as preparations for war and the VE day celebrations and everyday life in the town was captured by film-makers. We will see fascinating films at the start of the second world war when engineers were in the area training for any eventuality. Many scenes with soldiers in the streets of Wimborne.
Other films, presented by local historian John Loader, show Reg Rodway’s films in and around Wimborne. He was a local garage owner and very much part of the community. Colour films by Reg Day show market day in the spring of 1945. The war was nearly over and local farmers gather at the livestock market. As the narrative suggests, the war is still on but the country needs to be fed.

Altogether a feast of archive film. DVD Duration approximately 75 minutes