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West Somerset Railway Autumn Steam & Mixed Traffic Galas 2016



Special Offer – West Somerset Railway Autumn Steam & Mixed Traffic Galas 2016.
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The West Somerset Railway is well-known for its two main steam galas each year.
The autumn gala in 2016 was to follow a highly successful Spring Gala devoted to the S&D. In October 2016 some smaller GW engines were hired in to complete a line-up which celebrated a typical GW branch line atmosphere. Stars of the show were No. 1450 and newly restored autocoach No. 233, plus Pannier tank No. 6435 which was brought in from the Bodmin & Wenford line. We celebrate this gala with scenes of workings along the 22 mile railway and conclude with sequences of main line tours which have appeared on the WSR in recent months.
Locomotive roster includes – Nos. 1450, 6435, 5542, 4936, 6990, 44422, 53808 and Kilmersdon.
DVD 58 minutes duration

This programme is dedicated to the mostly modern traction fleet accumulated at the West Somerset Railway by the Diesel & Electric Preservation Group at Williton.
The Mixed Traffic event held in June 2016 was to see diesel hydraulics of the Hymek and Warship classes with the group’s Class 14 and two main line freight companies’ visiting locomotives – a Class 56 and a 66.
The event was enhanced with the use of the Somerset & Dorset Trust’s Ruston & Hornsby 0-4-0 shunter at Washford and it’s 7F steam locomotive No. 53808 which operated the limited steam service.
We view Warship Class No. D832 Onslaught as it carries out its final turns on the railway before returning to its proper base at the East Lancs Railway. Some stirring departures! Sadly D1010 Western Campaigner couldn’t make the event but we visited the base at Williton in 2015 and filmed it under overhaul along with close-up views of both Hymeks Nos. D7017 and 7018.
Two of the main freight operators in the UK loaned engines for the weekend. Colas Rail offered up 56 302 which was a welcome sight and was named on the Saturday at Minehead after the model railway company at Beer in Devon – Peco 70.
Class 66 757 West Somerset Railway provded by GBRf put in some powerful displays. Finally, the following weekend witnessed two GBRf Class 73/9s appear on a charter ECS move. Nos. 73 961 and 964 with their new engines installed created quite a sight at Bishops Lydeard.
DVD 40 minutes duration